TVRDO 418 Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th of January

We go to Mongolia this hour with throat singing band The Hu (for me it sounds like Peter Gabriel meets the All Blacks, they play a sold-out Melkweg on the 5th of February), from Italy I Modium and Latte e Miele taking on Niccolò Paganini furthermore Brighteye Brison and Elegant Simplicity from the UK, Rise Twaine from the US and the new band The Bardic Depths from the US/Spain. To start the show we go 20 years back in time with some sunny sounds by Bozzio, Levin and Stevens another track from our album of the Month by Karfagen and in the Vault this time an acoustic and radio friendly song by 70's band Ghost.
Neil Peart is remembered in our Overdrive section with the "longs" from Canadian band Rush. Our selection of songs comes from their albums "Caress of Steel", "2112" and "Hemispheres".

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TVRDO 417 Saturday the 11th and Sunday the 12th of January

In the vault we pay tribute to Neil Innes who died 291219 and has penned this remarkable song by the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band which was produced by Sir Paul McCartney (they also appeared in the Magic Mystery Tour TV film, shot in Devon). Later fame Neil got with his collaboration with Monty Python and the Rutles (in which Monty's Eric Idle was also a member). Spock's Beard released their album V 20 Years ago, from the Pallas a track from their new anthology remix album called The Edge of Time, from Italy we have Alice's Mirror and their 2018 album Through the Mirror with some Japanese influences, then Italian born but UK based Maria Chiara Argirò with some jazzy moods, in fact she was described in the press as "A significant new voice in creative music" and from Germany Crayon Phase which has a reminiscence of Saga. Dutch band The Nits are back with "Knot" and Thieves' Kitchen released their new album "Genius Loci" in 2019 and UK band Guranfoe with their latest release "Sum of Erda". The Album of the Month is by Ukraine band Karfagen. The 2nd hour we play long songs in our Overdrive section by Transatlantic (who are teaming up for a new album) and Ash Ra Tempel.

TVRDO 416 Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th of January

To all,  best wishes for 2020

20 Years ago Salem Hill released their album "Not Everybody's Gold" and we chose the appropriate track "January" for this show. In the Vault this time Patrick Moraz and his first band Mainhorse (yes, Refugee was his 2nd band!) having a go on a Soundtrack for the Swiss film "La Salamandre" from 1971 (with Bulle Ogier and Jean-Luc Bideau, directed by Alain Tanner). Our album of the month is by Karfagan from the Ukraine, released only 2 days ago. Furthermore new tracks from Novena ft. Ross Jenning from Haken, the Neil Morse Band from his live at BRNO album, Jakko Jakszyk teams up with Eden House singer Louise Patricia Crane for her new single "Deity", Jana Draka from Italy and Overworld Dreams from the USA completes the line up for the first hour. The Overdrive section this time is for Dutch band Trace lead by the late Rick van der Linden with the story of the White Ladies featuring Hetty Smit (aka Cherry Vangelder Smith) and the classic In The Garden of Eden by Iron Butterfly better known as In-a-gadda-da-Vida.