Il Rovescio Della Medaglia - Contaminazione 2.0

Il Rovescio Della Medaglia (RDM) was founded in 1970, after two albums famous conductor Luis Enriquez Bacalov contacted the band in 1973 to propose to work together on a new album to melt rock to symphonic music, leading to the album Contaminazione. It became a classic, in an Italian progressive rock special I wrote this.

“The third RDM-album is their best. It features lots of Keith Emerson inspired Hammond organ play. Together with the propulsive and dynamic rhythm-section, it evokes also Trace and Ekseption, featuring the late Dutch pride Rick van der Linden. The instrumentation varies, including violin, harpsichord, heavy guitar, a violin-section, piano, classical guitar and church organ. At some moments, the music sounds a bit freaky or experimental, but in general this is wonderful melodic seventies based prog rock. The Italian vocals are beautiful and warm.”

In 2011 founder Enzo Vita gave new life to the band releasing a new album Microstorie with Roberto Tiranti (New Trolls) on vocals. In 2016 it was time for another new album, entitled Tribal Domestic, and in 2017 Enzo Vita contacted bassist Andrea Castelli to form also a live-band to bring their music on stage. The newest RDM album Contaminazione 2.0 is recorded in San Galgano in September 2018, in an ancient abbey without a roof, a magical place, worthy location for their timeless music, totally dedicated to their album Contaminazione from 1973.

RDM plays the entire Contaminazione album, on the 1973 studio version all 13 tracks are between 1 and 5 minutes, but on Contaminazione 2.0 RDM plays especially in the final part extended versions (on Alzo Un Muro Elecctrico with a great contribution by New Trolls flute traverse player Vittorio De Scalzi). The band sounds as a very tight, skilled and experienced unit, and inspired too, I am delighted about this album!

Most of the tracks are a powerful and dynamic progressive blend of classical and rock featuring outstanding interplay, and a lush vintage keyboard sound. This is topped with excellent Italian vocals, in the best Italian tradition, with strong emotional undertones. The use of a string quartet gives the tracks an extra dimension, like the captivating duel between the strings and a spectacular Minimoog in the titletrack, unique prog! I am also very pleased with the awesome work on the Hammond organ and Minimoog synthesizer (lots of pitchbend driven soli), often in combination with harder-egded guitarplay, “classical meets rock’, very exciting.

This CD version includes 3 bonustracks: the short and experimental Il Nulla, the alternating La Creazione  (excellent work on Hammond and Minimoog, lots of heavy guitar leads and strong vocals) and finally the track L’Ammonimento, in fact a follow up of the previous composition, also with lots of vintage keyboards and heavy guitar.

If you like vintage keyboard oriented Classic Italian Prog I highly recommend this live album, it sounds very inspired and exciting, and features excellent Italian vocals!


© 2020 Erik Neuteboom