Super Sister Projekt 2019 - Paard, the Hague 080419

We would really like to have a nice evening with you. "Robert Jan Stips says in the Paard in The Hague, before kicking off with their first song.
Het Paard was The Super Sister Projekt 2019 first of two concert scheduled this month, in which Robert Jan made new music in the style of that legendary band.
He can no longer play with the orginal band, since both Sacha van Geest and Ron van Eck have since died, something that Robert Jan still can get emotional about. The other remaining member is drummer Marco Vrolijk, but for the Super Sister Project he got a helping hand from a number of outright giants from the The Hague popscene such as Rinus Gerritsen and Cesar Zuiderwijk from Golden Earring, Henk Hofstede, Joke Geraets and Rob Kloet from Nits, Peter Calicher from Nits/Gruppo Sportivo, Leon Klaasse from Sweet D'buster and violinists Marieke Brokamp and Thijs Kramer. They were all on stage that night in The Hague. Accompanied by  trombonists Bart van Gorp and Junior Huigen made it all a very busy stage.
With that Super Sister Project, Robert Jan certainly did not want to become something like The Analogues, he emphasized. It was not to be a tribute band, but to produce music as Supersister would make today. He has succeeded convincingly in this.
“Super Sister music is not easy. Even I ... I seem to have written it, but there are sometimes complex arrangements in between, "Robert Jan also said and he emphasized that he thought it was great that several colleagues" had completely stepped out of their comfort zone. "
This produced some wonderful moments, especially with bass player Rinus Gerritsen. It was obvious that this is not "his" music, but also that he enjoyed it a lot. Sitting in front of one of the two drum sets, he kept a close eye on Robert Jan, concentrated on the often short parts and did his utmost. If he had to play upfront, there was immediately that characteristic head-to-left-and-right movenent to the rhythm, meanwhile tapping his foot. For a long time in the program he was slightly desperate to dig through the musical score board, until he gave up, threw the papers away with a gesture of "oh well,  let's go," after which he switched to instinct. Which went perfectly. Fantastic to see.
The atmosphere on the stage was clearly very good. Mutual respect dripped off and for the musicians it was just as much a celebration as for the public.
"We felt like BZN in Hawaii," (refering to a very popular band in Holland) said Robert Jan about the shooting sessions at beach club De Fuut (Scheveningen) in October last year, and my thought was they had that feeling back last night.
In between the songs he recalled some things and explained things, all just as spontaneous and open.
Several Supersister classics passed the review and this only made it more clear that the new work is indeed typical Supersister; a completely unique, often wonderful style.
All in all, Paard was the scene of a memorable event for the umpteenth time. Regretfully  it was not recorded for a live album or DVD.
It will be Paradiso's turn tonight.


Review and photo © 2019 René van den Abeelen

Translated to English by Frans Verweij

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