Millenium – The Sin

During the years Poland has turned into a very prolific prog country, from Collage, Quidam and Satellite to Moonshine, Believe, Osada Vida, and of course the outstanding and very popular Riverside. Another interesting band is Millenium, a five piece formation that has released 16 studio-albums, 1 live album, 2 live DVD’s and 7 compilations between 1999 and 2020, an incredible amount! According to the band “The Sin contains seven tracks that describe government politicians, proud celebrities, greedy crooks, jealous lovers, lazy people, a full scope of addictions, and hatred for others!”.

Well, on The Sin Millenium delivers wonderful 24-carat Neo-Prog: melodic, accessible and song-oriented, topped by strong emotional English vocals, very moving guitarwork (in the vein of David Gilmour and Steve Rothery) and often spacey synthesizer flights, with hints from Seventies Pink Floyd. The one moment the climate is mellow featuring tender piano runs and dreamy vocals. The other moment the mood shift to slow and compelling. Or turns into sumptuous eruptions, embellished with sensitive work on guitar and synthesizers, early Marillion often comes to my mind, I love it!

In some tracks Millenium sounds more straightforward, like Gluttony and Greed featuring tight beats and harder-edged guitarplay.

The track Sloth is a wonderful ballad with howling guitar, emotionals vocals and warm piano play. And the final composition is a compelling epic that contains a slow rhythm with dreamy vocals, spacey synthesizers and again those howling guitar runs, very intense, this is trademark Millenium, emotion rules!

Highly recommended to lovers of Neo-Prog, and fans of early Marillion and Pink Floyd who are up to modern sounding prog.

© 2020 Erik Neuteboom