Syrinx Call – Mirrorneuron

Posted: 020821

Review Erik Neuteboom

The 14 tracks (between  1 and 7 minutes) sound very melodic and harmonic, and simply structured, the focus is on colouring the music with flutes, guitars and keyboards in a very pleasant way, especially the tin-whistle-like flute sound is omnipresent. Most tracks alternate between mellow and slow rhythms, but some are more dynamic. Like Bit By Bit (featuring sparkling flute, flashy synthesizer flights and powerful guitar, the male vocals are OK, with an obvious accent), the compelling Weird Resonance (good female vocals, a delicate tin-whistle flute sound and a sensitive guitar solo) and Fill The Silence (bombastic eruption with howling guitar and fine work on the flute).

The folky track Merging Influences delivers a swinging rhythm with sparkling flute and piano.

The strong titletrack starts with twanging electric guitar, immediately Eloy comes to my mind, and indeed, guest musicians are Frank Bornemann and Klaus-Peter Matziol! The music is embellished with wonderful electric guitar, tin-whistle and synthesizer, by far the best and most progressive rock inspired composition.

The short final track sounds atmospheric featuring spacey Floydian guitar.

A fine folk prog effort.