Yes - The Quest

Posted: 020921
Review Toon Ladder

It seems that the band name Yes is being held up artificially. What we are presented here with the new album of these Prog dinosaurs is far from Prog in my opinion. Steve Howe delivers his trick with fantastic guitar work, but it's all too mellow, there's no bite to it. Nowhere does the album really appeal to me, except "The Ice Bridge" which displays a driven Yes sound with even Asia influences, not so surprising that Geoff also wrote this, or did he really do that? By now I think it's known that Francis Monkman (Curved Air/Sky) wrote this song, but Geoff found it in his back catalogue when he was writing for a library music company, not knowing the song wasn't his. Apparently they talked it out on the phone and Monkman got the credits on the album. (Monkman once wrote it for the British television sci-fi series UFO) But then, what if that's the best you can expect on this album?