The Album of the Month June 2022: Ben Craven - Monsters From The Id

“Monsters From The Id” is the logical realization of Craven’s musical trajectory thus far. It’s an album of two halves, each containing a traditional progressive rock “epic” the length of a side of vinyl. The two pieces comprise flowing parts and movements with both rock and Hans Zimmer-esque orchestral arrangements, punctuated by Ben's distinctive lead guitar and vocals. Yet the album is predominantly instrumental.

A review of the album by Erik Neuteboom here:


The Album of the Month May 2022 - Stuckfish - Days Of Innocence

Highly acclaimed UK melodic prog-rock band.
Their epic storytelling music continues with album 3,"DAYS OF INNOCENCE" due 16/04/2022 The band regard it as their best work to date and look forward to playing the songs live during the course of 2022.

The Album of the Month April 2022 - Moon Halo - Together Again

Two years after their debut album Chroma, Marc Atkinson (Riversea), Iain Jennings (Mostly Autumn), David Clements (Riversea), Alex Cromarty and Martin Ledger released their follow up with Anne-Marie Helder on harmony vocals.

The Album of the Month March 2022 - Karfagen - Land of Green and Gold

A new offering from the very prolific Ukrainian prog maestro Antony Kalugin, his 13th recording under the name Karfagen. Almost an hour of proper symphonic art rock, made with heart and feeling, with some elements of Canterbury, Fusion and Jazz!
This is his/their second time to be voted Album of the Month on TVRDO, following "Birds of Passage" in January 2020.

The Album of the Month February 2022 - Big Big Train - Welcome To The Planet

Welcome To The Planet comes six months after the release of the band’s critically acclaimed top 40 album Common Ground and is the last to feature David Longdon as vocalist. David sadly passed away the 20th of November last year at the age of 56, following an accident. The band also features three new members: Carly Bryant, Dave Foster and Clare Lindley. It's the 2nd time an album by Big Big Train is voted Album of the Month. (following "A Stone's Throw From The Line" in 2017)

The Album of the Month Januari 2022 - Kornmo - Fimbulvinter

A detailed review of this album by these Norwegians is here: